The Thing Called LOVE


Steve Saint – example of God’s power and love…..


  • Steve Saint was a missionary to the Waodani tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


·        Steve’s father was killed along with four other missionaries on a river sandbar while they were attempting to bring the gospel to an unreached people group. They were killed by six warriors from the Waodani tribe.


  • In Steve’s book titled “The Great Omission, Fulfilling Christ’s Commission Completely”….Steve wrote…What the six warriors meant for evil, God meant for good.


  • After the five missionaries were killed, God opened the door for Steve’s mom, his aunt, and one of the other missionaries’ wives to go and live with the Waodani tribe.


  • When the Waodani tribe heard the gospel of the Kingdom, many began to walk God’s path. Steve wrote, “The church has been inspired by the transforming and reconciling power of the gospel demonstrated when my sister and I were baptized by two of the men who had speared our dad to death.”


  • That is love. That is the power of God.


  • They evangelized and brought the Kingdom of God to an unreached people group, lived with them and loved them despite the tragedy because they understood God’s love.

   ข้อมูลจาก: คุณซินดี้ ลอว์ซอน




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