Mom of the Year 2008




Paul said, "Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on . . ."

Philippians 3:12  )



This is the first time that my daughter has to travel abroad alone so I asked her to let me know her whereabouts continuously. She did ring me and emailed to let me know her safe arrival in each destination. What I like the most apart from praying for her safe trip, is a modern technology that help me to keep tracts and learn about the places that she is going to. I used tools such as google maps, it is fun when it moved direction such as from Munich to Rotterdam, then changed from Rotterdam to Cologne. You could use this mapping tool to help with various matters. Reading Wikipedia also gives me a lot of information about each destination so we can later chat about each place she visits. Is this cool to be a modern mother who can use new technologies to communicate with your children? We also keep each other updated via yahoo messenger. Our family values effective communications tremendously. They can give their opinions and we respect one another ideas. I do not tell that I am a perfect mom but as Paul mentioned above… I press on!



Actually, I like to keep my spaces bilingual as much as I can cuz I have many foreign friends who I like to encourage them to visit my spaces from time to time. But, somehow, my Thai writing seems flowing better whenever I wish to express my thought. So this is my best excuses hehehe):


We just lost Momo from Pavoviral infection after the fifth weeks she gave birth to her 5 puppies. It happened so fast after only few days that we sent her to a vet clinic and she came back with a bottle of infusion. I still get no clue where she got the worst virus ever cuz she always stay home. Maybe from our neighbor’s dogs? Or maybe when she went to Suanluang park with us? Dear Momo, I am sooooo sorry for you and your puppies, I just wish that you were with us longer.  

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