My Mini Vacation

Place: Friendship Beach, Phuket

As soon as I sent my complete translations of “Christian Theology” and “Presentations of Business Seminar”away, My Great Provider manages to have the next books “Loving One Another” and “Encouraging One Another” by Dr. Gene Getz, sent to my mail box at the same day! Praise God for He knows what we need before we even ask! Thank God for taking care of my every step.


Actually, I cannot start my next translation right away. Lately I felt like a sailing boat with no wind. I am struggling emotionally; I need a Sabbath and a Year of Jubilee for my soul. I tried to spend a quiet time to search what went wrong with my soul. Deep down in my heart I pray to my God not to take away the Holy Spirit away from me. I desperately need you so much, especially this moment of so much painful experiences!


Phuket 29 Feb 08: Sissy on the phone!


In September 08, I must complete two subjects: Old Testament Survey and Hermeneutics for my MBS Study. However, my textbooks had not reached me yet. So I just listened to OT expository sermons of Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel USA, which are really helpful because I was too exhausted to read any text. Whenever there is a book in front of me, my mind wanders so farrrrrrrr……. away thousand miles, Oh boy!    


I began to give myself a mini vacation especially to spend more time for my daily devotions, jogging at my favorite Chalong Pier. Its tranquility is still there…My God is still waiting for me with his opening arms. It is only because of my busyness that keeps me away from His Presence. Father, I am so sorry. Please let me dwell in your house forever and let me be the apple of your eyes again and again. Dear Lord, renew my strength again as I like to begin with my work out and aerobics dance which I had not done for months. Let me soar on wings again like young eagle!  


I like this picture soooo much!

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    what goes wrong เหรอ

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