“NO” A Remedy For Mom Syndrome

One thing in Business Seminar taught me recently
We should not cover up wrong doing of others
or take it as our own responsibilities.
The others will never learn.
Sometimes we need to be tough
and insist the others to do what is right for them.
Gradually they will learn to accept their own responsibilities.
I think that this can apply to kids n hubbies.
Nobody learn as long as you tried to bear everbody burden!!
When God reveal things for us, it really makes sense and simple,
We just never think this way before.
Be nice to yourself and learn to say "NO"
and let them do their own works!
Ps 1 Mom visits me, she arrived since 19 Jul 08
so I have to buy a steamer at Supercheap for her sticky rice cooking. 
Ps 2 Liz went to YVR BC, Ice and Tiew will go to YYZ 31 Jul 08 by CX and Noey to Swiss.
Can’t believe that it is only me who is at home!!! :C
Ps 3 Mr Uan, 5 mt. old, saw a kid bought an icecream from a trolley.
He wagged his tail so hard but an ice man did not even look at him.
Poor Uan never knows that he is only a dog,
he thinks that he is a little boy who wants icecream badly!
Ps 4 Uan can eat every thing just like ordinary ppl e.g. fruits, sweets, all kanom etc.
You name them, Uan can eat them all!
Ps 5 Sooooo sad that all come to the expiry dates:
1. Camera card and its battery
2. Aircond in my bedroom
3. My puberty period > Welcome menopause!!
Expiration Date>>

Chuck Montague was undergoing an extended series of treatments at a cancer center far from home. Then his treatments were abruptly interrupted by another medical condition. But God answered prayer and removed this problem. Later, when Chuck testified in his church back home, he told of his gratitude for the prayers of God’s people and the truths from His Word that had ministered to him and his wife, Janet.

At times Chuck had wondered whether or not he would survive. That thought drove him to the Scriptures, and he carefully read Psalm 139. His attention was drawn to verse 16, which says, “In Your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.” Before we were created, all of our days were “fashioned” by the Lord. “It lifted my spirit to know that my life is in God’s hands,” Chuck said. “Every jug of milk or can of tuna has an expiration date. Well, so have I. . . . God’s timing is best.”

As we suffer illness or grow older, we naturally think more about death. If we’re believers in Christ, we can be confident that death is an open door to eternal life with Jesus. With the psalmist David, we are comforted by the truth that the God who loves us knows our “expiration date.”  — David C. Egner

From Him, who loves me now so well,
What power my soul can sever?
Shall life or death, or earth or hell?
No—I am His forever. —Stebbins

God’s timing is perfect—even in death.

Special thanks for: http://www.rbc.org/devotionals/our-daily-bread/2008/07/20/devotion.aspx   


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2 Responses to “NO” A Remedy For Mom Syndrome

  1. เนย says:

    good to read about you and uan kawarm regards to k.yaiif you have time, pls write about your health/changes at menopause, ok?how did you know it\’s already menopause?do you have to do something for it?

  2. lak says:


    good to read about you and uan kawarm regards to k.yai
    if you have time, pls write about your health/changes at menopause, ok?how did you know it\’s already menopause?
    do you have to do something for it?

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