Somewhere out there, no net, no TV!

I am now in Sakolnakhon for few weeks.
The life here is so simple. No connection to internet at home as usual.
TV is not in my room. I rarery trade watching TV while mosquitoes and flies are biting me here.
No car or even motorbike, I usually make my trips with bycicle riding.
Most of the time I do bible study,  translate a book and teaching English for the local kids here.
Even I do it for free, but I am proud that I have a part in their lives and preparing them for their bright futures.
12 of them come to know Jesus through this lesson!
Shalom to you all my friends and secret admirers ):
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2 Responses to Somewhere out there, no net, no TV!

  1. Wanatchada says:

    ว๊าววววว… ถ่ายรูปมาให้ดูด้วยน๊า ดีจังค่ะ เจี๊ยบชอบนะ ท่าจะเงียบสงบดี อิอิอิ

  2. เนย says:

    Enjoy the quiet time before coming back to a less quiet time in HKT 555PS. I can access Spaces today, don\’t know why.

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