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Live at Peace With One Another

By Joel Osteen

When I first got married, I’d get so uptight if Victoria didn’t turn all the lights off at the house when she left. That was my pet peeve. I would give her my speech again and again, and every time say, "Victoria, you’ve got to be sure and turn off all the lights."

Well, sure enough, when I’d come home all the lights would be on! I would get so uptight and give her my same speech again and again. And understand, she didn’t do it on purpose; we just have different personalities and different strengths. After about five years of harping on that, I’m a slow learner; I realized I was bringing tension into the house by getting uptight. It finally dawned on me, and I thought to myself, "Joel, this is not a battle worth fighting. If it costs you an extra $10 a month in electricity, then that is well worth keeping the peace in your home." The rewards were not big enough for the heartache it was causing me. It was worth the extra $10 to have peace in our home.

Scripture says if at all possible, live at peace with one another. Make every effort to keep the bond of peace. In our marriages, this is extremely important. Walking in peace means that sometimes we just have to let things go. Some things are not worth starting World War II over!

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