2011 Diary: pressing forward to reach the crown of glory!

January 2011

Life is such a long…long road full with joy, hurt and searching for the truth. When I know Jesus, I left all things behind me and press on to the new narrow road that my Sheperd is leading me. This picture took just before I left Canada to Thailand at the end of January.

These kids learned English with me. They asked why I taught for free. I told them because Jesus loves children and so do I.

February and March 2011 at Isarn

18 กพ – มีค 2011แวะเวียนชิมอาหารอร่อยๆ เมืองสกล อาทิ เนื้อโคขุน อาหารเวียดนาม ทำฟาร์มเห็ด ออกกำลังกายที่สระพังทอง หนองนาโทน แวะเยี่ยมเยียน คจ สกล พังโคน นาดี ความหวัง ดงมะไฟ One and half month in Sakon was great time to evangelize with many kids. It is sad to learn that some asked to pray for their strayed parents never leave them again. Some parents passed away and left them home with the elderly. One girl testified that Jesus healed her illness.

April: Start another chapter in Phuket and :

Mom visitted us and stayed at Jomthong. She also join us at HOL Church weekly.

Mom with friends at Patong Church

May: Visited Too and  Kwuan at Decafe.

June: Joined monthly Phuket Church’s leaders meeting.

 July: monthly meeting of House of the Lord churches at Noom and Ann’s place. We also celebrated Ps Chanwit and his wife’s HBD.


Translated for Ps David Tan at House of the Lord Phuket and the visit of Dawn and Steel.

September, somtam date with Rose at Central Festival.

October, two important anniversaries:

 October 18, 2009: Began our first service at Patong:

24 October 2010….It was time my sis went back to heavenly home. Thanks Sis for being the best friend for me.

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  1. lakatphuket says:

    Sorry for not updating for long time. Hope will do better from now on.

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