This story reminds me about my beloved sis!

Beyond Sundays Christianity!

Dr Richard’s testimony is heartfelt and poignant, but it is also a wake up call from God for all of us. The things which God led him to fulfill towards the end are not things which are foreign or unfamiliar to Scriptures. The gist of His Word and His purpose for us is clearly conveyed through the way He led Dr Richard through the final months of his life. There are a few themes conveyed. First, is the corruptibility of riches. Second, is the importance of surrendering it all. Third, is the importance of love, especially practical love for people in need.

1. Corruptibility of Riches

Scriptures remind us over and over again about the futility and deceitfulness of wealth, and how many of us would be choked by the riches and pleasures of life. I will quote from an often used passage in Scripture, but yet so often missed…

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