Thanks God to slow down my life: MG chapter one begins in February 2013

Jogging one day in Phuket was so disturbing to me with a double vision but I thought this caused by my new progressive lens.

One week later, I went to Canada Embassy without knowing the new rule that all applicants must put all details online. So I came back to my Sapanluang room nearby to start entering my visa application online. Even how hard I tried, I cannot enter the first page as my vision was so blurry. My daughter came back from her workplace in Silom and completed the application for me; so next morning I can apply my single entry visa which finally it was granted for six months. I can enter Canada from USA border as many times as this visa still valid as my USA visa is valid for ten years.

Few days later, our ILI team led by Ps John drove us to launch the seminar in Sakol for few days. Both two days I translated for Ps John, I could not open my eyes. Both eyes were extremely heavy. The warm climate and the heavy sunlight direct to our classroom trigger the symptoms badly. But the show must go on, and I am glad that I can complete my task till the last day of the seminar. Praise God.

Soon after Ps John drove us back to Bangkok, I went to CU Hospital and saw a doctor who did few tests on my eyes and my respond to her ice balls were good. Because of this MG patients are quite rare, so probably this was also the case study that I was diagnose with all new doctors surrounded by their MD professor who told me that I should go back to Phuket and continue my treatment right away. Because MG is quite unpredictable and might cause breathing problem in severe case.

I came back to Phuket and tried to call few clinics but the advice was I have to go to see Dr Opas at Vachira Hospital as some tests and the equipments are available there.

After my 6 days trip to Bali I started to see the doctors in Vachira and began blood test and CT scan. After discussing with him about my future trip to Canada, he recommends that I need to check the policy about bringing great amount of MG drugs with me to Canada and how the hospital there are ready to treat the MG patient? what kind of insurance I need to buy etc.? Within these two months I have to visit the doctor regularly for the proper medical process and the observation.

Less than one month since the double vision occurred, my limbs were so weak. There were times that even simple dressing up myself was so clumsy. I can only talk to people less than ten minutes to avoid the weak expression on my face and weak speech. The doctor gave me some pills to strengthen my muscles and also help me chewing and swallowing food better, 

Now I still have to study more about Myasthenia Gravis which quite new for myself and other who hear its name for the first time.

I was kind of GO GO GO! ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ! person. My dialy morning was just like a shooting rocket that was full of creative activities. Since my childhood, I could not just sit still without doing some things or trying to complete ten tasks at the same time.

To just sit quietly and simply listen to the small voices of God is so difficult for me. I think probably God wants my attention to go directly to Him, not my time consuming activities. This is my first Giant Stop of my life, I am learning to slow down, aborts deeply the quiet life and goodness of our Father. His plan for me is for good and for my future not to harm me. So I am thankful for His great plan in my life and His deliverance from all dangers!

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