Pray for today

Dear Father God,


Thank you for promising me that you never leave me nor forsake me

but you will keep me closely as the apple of your own eyes

and my name LAK is always on the palm of your hands.

It is good to know that every time Jesus lifts His hands,

He sees my name there and always intercede for me and my family.


Thank God that you help me to overcome all bitterness and

abuses so now I am free and ready to move on happily with my life and

my future as you wish and predestine perfectly for me.


Thanks for years in the abused wilderness that teach me

to be kind, loving, gentle and sympathize myself and all abused survivors

who you love and want to deliver them from all shames and wicked men.


You said you hate violence because  it is against your loving and caring character.



Years ago a man scolded me badly in front of people in the lobby of hotel where I worked.

Despite this violence, a man who his divine role is to protect and provide for me did not stand to calm down his dad, nor even said he was sorry for his dad’s aggressive verbal abuse toward his wife? I did not know where he was? He probably hided himself from the temper of this man too?


What a terrible scene for me until now I cannot forget, I still remember all my tears of shocking and frightening how bad treatment I had from this abusive man… and later from his son…yes, like father like son!


So much harder for me to comprehend the heavenly Father’s love comparing to the men in my life!



Help me Papy to grasp the love you have for me every minute,

the true love of the Father who ran first to His prodigal just fast enough

to protect his beloved stray prodigal son from the mob of his angry villagers…

Help me Papy to remember that you put my every tear in your bottle,

and carries me through every storm….

Help me Papy to realize that you come to seek and save me before I ever ask,

Help me Papy to know your heart is to give me more than I ask or think…

This is so important for me because the men in my life were fail to do so,

worse than that was he tried to make sure I got less of every thing as possible.

This feeling was so tormenting to my soul!

Help me Papy to do the best in writing, preaching and being an intercessor for abused survivors so that I can see good comes out of these nightmares of

all the bad lifelong experiences,

May it is beneficial to encourage all victims to become victors of all abuses!

Father, help me to recruit more godly men to cherish and respect their wives from our own families!

To encourage them to be real men who stand strong for their God and their families

to be the men of God’s own heart and to be Boaz to Ruth indeed!


When the father of the bride hands his precious daughter to his bride in a wedding,

he surely trusts that this in law will love and take very good care of his beloved daughter.

If the father learns later he did otherwise with abuses, mean things and violence to her,

it must break the father’s heart as if he has no respect of the heart of this elderly at all.

He will not simply stand still to see his lil girl being beaten down by the monster,

but will surely risk every chance to take and restore his daddy girl back to his safe and loving home! To the House of Her Father!


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