Facing the One who is greater than your giant!

There is never a moment when God takes His eye off of you. He is always attentive to you and knows what you need before you even ask for it. (Matthew 6:8)

Thank God for delivering me from the darkest and deepest pit that I cannot made it by my own strength. God is merciful for His people, the oppressed who are crying out daily for help just like the story of the Egyptians’ slaves in the Bible. The smart abusers whose tongues are twisted and oily than anyone can believe your side of true story happening behind the closed door. They think in their minds that they can outsmart anyone…but not God! God is just, loving, smarter than anyone in the world. No weapon can design to turn against those who love God and who cry out for His deliverance. I got tears when I read about our Thai king who visited a poor hospital and gave his own money to rebuild the new facility to help to treat those unreachable patients in the countryside. He loved his poor and oppressed people dearly just like my Father God always does! My king did everything he can to bring help to the poorest, abused and helpless just like our God. In my life, not many people can do that for me, because the abuser seemed to be able to outsmart everyone around me. Only my Father God who knew and heard my cries out for help and reached down from heaven to redeem me from the enemy that was stronger than I can manage. My Redeemer lives so I can face the future and give me a brighter future. Thanks God for finally setting me free from the evil trap of the abuser. If God can do this for me, He can redeem you too!


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